Matriarchy as the head of Household

If Mother becomes the head of the household even when the father is available the outcome in that family are so terrible as follows,

Characteristic of Children

  • Children become the main decision makers in the family. Not to forget that the children are full of foolishness.
  • The decision made by the children should be fulfilled by the parents else there will be consequences.
  • Any decision to be taken will be done so in a group and after taking consensus with children and everyone in the family. Its a group decision.
  • Children grow up to be feminist.
  • A girl child will grow up and never respect her husband once married.
  • A boy child will grow up to be a follower instead of leader.
  • Every decision made will only based on the feeling of the children and the lack of the experience.
  • These decision are destined to doom.


  • Once indoctrinated with feminist ideas. They will want to have short hair.
  • They will want to color their hair.
  • They will support fat is beautiful movement.
  • They will be a hopeless appreciator of the movie Twilight. Specially the song “A Thousand Years”

Characteristic of the mother

  • Mother doesn’t respect her husband in front of anyone.
  • Scolds or shouts at the husband openly in front of everyone. The husband just keeps quite.
  • Will be a foul mouthed lady.
  • Will be irrational.
  • She considers herself to be the ultimate head of the house. Anyone revolting against her is dealt with contempt and anger. The whole family is ready to support the mother.

Characteristic of the father

  • Is just a dummy piece in the family. He being alive is just not required.
  • Only required to fulfill the job of being a driver and follower.

There are no Matriarchy society that flourished in the world except for the fairy tails.


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